Google Translate is Opening New Doors for Escorts

An escort is likely to meet all sorts of different people in their jobs, people from many different walks of life with countless different interests and preferences. Such is the variety of people that an escort is likely to meet, they can’t be sure of just what to expect when meeting with a new client. Experiences can vary greatly from client to client and one day can be very different from the next.

There is one thing that usually stays the same though no matter which client an escort may be meeting, and that is language. London escorts will usually expect their client to be able to speak English. Thanks to recent technological advances however, even that could be about to change.

Online Translators

A non-English speaking client could ask for a translator to join the couple to help conversation, but that would be very awkward. Having a 3rd party at your table waiting to translate everything you say as you eat your meal would be quite uncomfortable, or just plain weird. Not to mention the fact that any chance of a private discussion is pretty much zero. Having a translator present could also make it obvious that the client is with an escort, and for obvious reasons discretion is usually paramount.

The language barrier can now be overcome though, at least partly, thanks to online translators. All it takes is a smart-phone and a Wi-Fi connection and Google translate is readily and freely available to everybody. Google translate is even available to translate from voice providing an instant translation helping two people that don’t share a common language to hold a conversation perhaps as best as possible.

While using an electronic translator may be a far from perfect solution, it is still a solution, and one that could really help people to communicate effectively with each other.

Breaking Down Barriers

Just because two people may not share the same language that does not mean to say that they don’t have a lot in common. Some of the best clients may not be able to speak English so breaking down the language barrier could help busty london escorts to not only expand, but also improve their client base which would help to improve their career prospects considerably. 

Some London escorts have found that some of their best clients are not English speakers yet they still get to have an enjoyable evening together thanks to Google translate and other similar online resources. It is not even necessary to have an internet connection as some translators are able to give translations from the memory built into the device.

An Improving Technology

There is still a lot of work to do with the technology but for now at least it is helping people to communicate when they may have had no chance to do so otherwise.

Having some assistance in at least overcoming the basics can help people to begin learning a new language for themselves, helping them to become less reliant on translators as time goes by. For now at least, it is helping some London escorts to offer their services to clients that might previously have not been considered.